from by Enigmyst



Walk the mirrored corridor
Take a peek inside yourself
You have no idea whats in store
For you and no one else

Darkening visions jaunt about
To haunt your dreams and your thoughts as well
A terror you can't live without
That drives your mind to Hell

Walk the mirrored corridor
While pale whitened skin pervades the glass
The blood red shoes tap on the floor
As yellow smiles pass

The clowns sway forth with knives in hand
Watch from afar with building fear
Impale the ones with which they stand
Must get away from here

Walk the mirrored corridor
Drag lengthy feet across the ground
A red, round nose sounds a horn
To confuse and to astound

Amongst the beasts that roam the hall
Unnerved as to your newest fate
The creatures beg you, one and all
To join the harlequinade

The clowns in the mirrors are merely a vision
The wounds, though so many, are all self-inflicted
The funhouse has driven the jester insane
No way to escape, except to kill the brain


from Enigmyst, released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Enigmyst Oxford, Pennsylvania

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