The Mansion on Beffle Avenue

from by Enigmyst



The woman in red you see
She's changing the way I'm based upon
Up on this ledge, you'll see
The world he's granted us

But how can I show you?
What cravings should be born
Out of this place where the ceiling is torn?

See up, I feel insanely addictive
Crippled down below I run


Defiled, I find there's a way out

She wore red as she floated away
I can still see the bloodshed between us
She'll choose you


Defiled, I leave this place
Defiled, I will leave this place
Defiled, God please let me leave this place

The clowns exchange a pattern of dance and have a laugh
The patterns turn into a proper burial they don't attend

Down in the sleep he flies to God and never weeps of anything
He deserves this everything he earned it all
Because for you and you
and all you did he bears a scar and carries it as he flies


Why can't you hear me?
Why can't you bear me?
Listen to me I needed more!
I can't change anything
It's not in my soul
It's what he's telling me
Closer, calmer, takes us to the sea
The mansion on the beach
Find me there


from Enigmyst, released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Enigmyst Oxford, Pennsylvania

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